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Germfree Laboratories Manufacture International Container Labs

Mobile medical laboratories from shipping containers

Mobile labs quickly shipped globally

High tech medical and biological facilities

Germfree Labs have been famous internationally for their medical and biological equipment, but many don’t realize they also manufacture and sell complete Mobile Laboratories.

Germfree has been a Corporate Member of the ISBU Association since 2011 and they design and manufacture one of the most high tech medical and biological mobile laboratory units globally.

One of the fastest growing uses of ISBU (recycled shipping containers) is for use as Technology Shells. Meaning, the recycled ISBU module is a “housing” for technology equipment.

This fast growing concept is a popular trend due to the high strength of an ISO shipping container as well as their ability to be shipped by air, ship, rail, and most importantly by truck.

Based in Florida, Germfree ships their mobile medical and biological labs globally and are commonly included at Olympic events and G-8 international meetings. These are equiped with state-of-the-art medical and biological equipment including digital surveillance cameras and communication.

Germfree Laboratories has a 50 year history in medical lab equipment and remains innovative and inspiring in their concepts, and we thank them for their technology and support.


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It’s a Container Home, An RV, A Cottage, A Green Cube….

A spacious RV with slide-out

A Park model RV that looks like a luxury Modular home

Kottage RV in British Columbia Canada uses a recycled shipping container base to create a spacious luxury park model RV.

This not merely a concept product or drawing, but is an actual product line which began it’s first production model earlier this year.

It’s a true GreenCube with Eco sprayfoam insulation, ceramic coating and durable long life construction to make it the most sustainable park model RV on the planet. Kottage RV certainly has a winner!

The well planned design, inside and out, includes every luxury a normal home contains. Their patent pending slide-out gives it extra space and ultimate comfort.

We would imagine that dealers throughout the US and Canada will want to offer this unique, sustainable, solid home to their customers.

We’re thankful to have such creative companies as Corporate Members or our ISBU Association and GreenCube Network.

You will find complete details on their website at


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Is TempoHousing Expanding To North America?

Container Home Construction Grows In Popularity!

Are the rumors true that TempoHousing is coming to North America?

According to TempoHousing yesterday, the expansion partnership will happen this month bringing massive shipping container home production facilities to the US, Canada, and the argeement is said to also include all of Mexico.

This will be the largest modular housing fabrication facility in North America using recycled shipping containers, also known as ISBU modules!

TempoHousing of Amsterdam and also their new North American partners have been Corporate Members of the ISBU Association for more than a year. Although we know all the names, locations and details we cannot release them until late October or November.

TempoHousing has expanded greatly this year with new offices and partners in Australia, Italy, and France. The new partnership and expansion to North America will be quite a boost to their global strength.

This will also be a much needed boost for the US/Canada prefab and modular housing industries effecting realtors, building contractors, architects and engineers.

You can get more details on TempoHousing USA/Canada at:

Full updates and details about November 15


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The ISBU Association and Container Dealers Association have released their new sources Directory called, the Eco-Green Sources Directory.

Are you frustrated when you spend time attempting to locate products and services only to find the company is either out of business or can’t deliver the order?  You could loose your project!

Because of the global economic conditions, in every country of the world, there are many businesses and business professionals in that are no longer functional.

The new Eco-Green Sources Directory now contains various levels of security for the Members, and also the internet visitors. The levels are:

  • Free Registration, but not Certified
  • Certified only, but not ISBU Association Members
  • Certified, Professional Members
  • Certified, Corporate Members


The world has changed!  With so many businesses in the world closing, loosing financial stability, or simply not even legitimate, the Corporate members have requested that we revise the directory and Re-Certify all business Members and listings, then offer these multiple levels of security. This should save much wasted time and lost money, while giving Members and readers an added level of confidence.

Not every company with a website is in business….  Not every company with a website is financially stable.

In 2010, and so far in 2011, we have rejected more than 1 in 10 Corporate Member applications. Although it’s not easy to turn away orders, we are certain there were, and are, business applicants we should not approve.

If you need credible sources for Eco-Green home construction, plans, designs, architects, engineers, building contractors, decor, and Eco-Green related products, this new Eco-Green Directory will become quite an asset to you and your projects.

Visit our new Eco-Green Directory which is the first site within the new GreenCube Network MegaSite. New listings are added, updated and deleted daily. [ Directory LINK ]

For more information not listed in the new Eco-Green Directory, login to the Member website.  [ LINK ]


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Shipping Containers Survive Deadly Tornadoes In The US

Container survives tornado, then used for emergency storage

Containers boldly rest on top on sticks of homes

Amid all the worst deadly Tornadoes in nearly a century, the strength of ISBU’s and Shipping Containers again proven themselves as the best super structure base for Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms.

As the 2011 natural disasters have combed the world this year, the ISBU Association has contacted many of it’s members in each country for status reports after each disaster.

It has been no surprise that in the midst of floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes, the shipping containers in port, and ISBU containers for storage and construction have remained solid. They have often become the only stable structures remaining in this global “year of disaster”.

We have Corporate members who have discussed the feasibility of using ISBU containers for Storm Shelters and Safe Homes since hurricane Katrina, but few in the past 5 years have actually put up the funds to construct and promote their Storm Shelter concepts.

A shipping container based Storm Shelter can either be:

  • Surface mounted with deep anchored pylons
  • Mid surface construction with earth berms or half buried
  • Fully buried with minor mid reinforcements

The technology to accomplish the simple reinforcements and anti-corrosion is already tested and proven for many years. Only an uneducated cynic could make it complicated.

In the United States there are standards set by FEMA as storm shelter guidelines. Additional guidance and standards can be obtained from the NSSA (National Storm Shelter Association).  They are an organization to assist Storm Shelter manufacturers to meet the FEMA standards.

Serious entrepreneurs and engineers who are serious about using ISBU containers for Safe Homes and Storm Shelters can obtain full support by joining both the ISBU Association and NSSA.

The US and the World are now seeing the serious devastation caused by tornadoes, hurricanes, and typhoons. Lives are lost unnecessarily.

We believe there can be hundreds of thousands of Container based Storm Shelters sold in 2011 and 2012 during the re-builds of the homes in disaster areas.

We also believe hundreds of thousands of home owners will want to add Container based Storm Shelters to their existing homes and communities.

The ISBU Association is here to assist in your research of this disaster technology.

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America’s Smart Home Begins US Construction Project

America's Smart Home: 9 container project

Many container home designs and architectures.

Another recyclable and sustainable container home project has begun construction. This nine container home is the largest of the America’s Smart Home series designed by experienced container home designer and engineer, Juan Carlos Rodriquez and his company’s partners, Becky Hale and Shawn Reismen.

This is the first of their container architecture designs to be built in the United States and consists of nine ISBU containers, two levels, a total of 3280 sq/ft. The 9 container luxury home includes a double car garage utilizing 2 containers.

Smart Green Construction, LLC, a Corporate Member of the ISBU Association, has recently announced their Americas Smart Home line of container home designs. Based in Little Rock, AR. Smart Green Construction has now teamed up with Juan Carlos Rodriquez, President of Intek Modular in Puerto Rico.

They have created a line of container homes named America’s Smart Home. This new line of home designs and cabins utilize ISBU container modules for the base and superstructure.

Smart Green Construction, LLC are the designers and manufacturers of the America’s Smart Home series, and will be working with developers and builders to construct and install their America’s Smart Home concepts throughout North America. [ LINK ]

We will follow their construction progress and feature more details of their homes, and projects in the coming weeks.

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Will Japan’s Shipping Containers Be Recycled Into Emergency Shelters?

Shipping port: Sendai Japan

Shipping containers survive

Could thousands of slightly damaged shipping containers have a second life in Japan?

Sendia is one of the largest shipping ports in Japan. Photos of the port and surrounding area show thousands of shipping containers toppled and scattered but only slightly damaged.

The damage caused by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami  will take many months and years to clean up and repair.

After speaking to some in the shipping industry today, we are told it is unlikely that most of the shipping containers that survived the Japan earthquake and tsunami will be put back into service. They are still strong but will their slight damage allow them back onto the ships to be stacked 5 to 8 high?

So could these containers be easily converted to ISBU’s and recycled into some much needed Emergency Shelters, Container Homes, and work shops?

 The reconstruction process facing the people of Japan is overwhelming. Modifying these containers into temporary housing units would be is a fast, safe, and responsible program for the government to impliment immediately. Japan already has a couple companies there who have successfully converted containers into beautiful housing units and technical shells.

Related reading: Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

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Recycled Container Housing Trend Continues To Get Attention

Trend: Recycled containers for housing

This week Time Magazine published an article entitled, “Old Shipping Containers Are New Housing Trend”.

This article was not really attempting to say it’s a new trend, but meant to emphasize that the trend which began years ago has become a huge construction trend even in 2011.

Although the news article was somewhat condensed, the reporter, Tim Newcomb did a great deal of research before writing his news article for Time magazine.

Barry Naef, our ISBU Association founder and Managing Director was one of many professionals interviewed by Tim to obtain accurate information. As you can see from the Time article, he covers this unique recycled housing architecture and building trend in the US for the past 10 years.

Some cynics have commented this is old news and certainly not a US original, but that wasn’t the point of the news story.

The story was written to emphasize the “Container Housing Trend”,  in the US.  No one can dismiss it’s huge growth also globally. Yes, the Container Housing trend is simultaneously growing globally with the very same momentum as we see in the US.

Whether you call it Container Housing, Cargotecture, ISBU Technology, or simply Green Construction, this trend to build, using recycled or new shipping containers is booming, and here to stay.

Thanks to Tim Newcomb and Time magazine for their coverage of this unique, Green architecture as it continues to take the world by storm.

By our statistics, and also Google search statistics, ISBU container construction is the most searched housing, and Green housing trend for three years straight.  It’s about Time….

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ISBU Association Members Celebrate In Egypt

New future for Egyptian ISBA members

ISBU Association members in Egypt are among those celebrating today as the country officially defeats the 30 year rule of Mubarak.

We are honored to have eight (8) ISBA members in Egypt representing the country of about 79 million people.  We want to recognize their success at this time and hope this political change continues to be steps forward in economic change.

The interest in “container technology” and container housing has much growth potential in Egypt and a few of our ISBA members are in quite advanced stages of development.The changes in Egypt are significant, and they are just one Domino in the “domino effect” changes that can, and are trending in the world today.  [ CNN link ]

Our hearts and prayers are with our Members there, and with all Egyptians who want peace, democracy, and a better future.


EDITORS NOTE: February 12, 2012

This morning a reader contacted us wondering why we copied the “Domino” concept from CNN.  I quickly went to the CNN website to see what she was referring to. Yep, there was a headline, “Domino?”, then a story link, “Domino Effect: Is there more to come in Middle East, Arab World?

Well, we didn’t copy them, but we are honored that maybe we inspired them.  Our story was posted yesterday morning at 10:23 AM EST, and the CNN news story was posted 12 hours later, at 10:27 PM EST

Our news story was in the Google News Feed within seconds of posting so it’s quite likely CNN staff, or anyone else saw it immediately.

Why did we link our news story to them initially? Simply, because CNN had the earliest, best news coverage!

Just setting things straight,

Carlos Navarro, ISBU Association Editor

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Mobile Container Restaurant Serves Sushi

Sushi Box BizPod restaurant

A shipping container, converted to ISBU, converted to Sushi Box restaurant has opened in Texas.  A perfect example of the endless uses of ISBU’s for BizPod applications.

Designed by Mark Meyer of Design STUDIO, the new Sushi Box mobile restaurant was completed and opened last week in Austin, TX.

Seventeen years of sushi-making experience is brought to Sushi Box by Executive Chef Ben Crockett, and the local reviews are excellent. Their website is in progress (, but you can follow them on Facebook [ Link ] to see what’s going on. We certainly think this could become a great franchise opportunity using ISBU for the mobile BizPods.

This is again proof that when you open a business or housing project using ISBU containers, it’s instant publicity and certainly puts your project on the fast-track to success.

Get in on the this fast growing trend by grabbing an $18 Research Membership [ Link ] so you will have the “educational tools” to evaluate and develop Container Technology of every type.

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